“With four children passing through St. Joseph, we have experienced a student who has had to be kept challenged at higher-than-grade-level, one who deals with learning challenges, and still another who struggles with staying focused and on-task. The teachers and staff are always there, willing to work with us, putting in countless hours to ensure each child has the tools and opportunity to succeed.” -A St. Joe Parent
St. Joseph’s curriculum is in accord with all Diocese of Lansing regulations and state of Michigan requirements. The core curriculum is enhanced by implementation of current trends in education, up-to-date textbooks, and the use of a variety of materials to provide hands-on learning.
Additionally we offer:sch3rdinclass13
  • Weekly physical education and Art classes.
  • A well-equipped computer lab, supported by weekly computer classes grades K-6.
  • Computers in the classrooms.
  • Music classes at all grade levels throughout the year.
  • Up-to-date, well-stocked library staffed by a librarian.
  • Harcourt Trophies reading


  • Children’s choir
  • Variety of field trips
  • Sherman Lake trip in grade 6
  • Spring musical & Christmas program
  • Assemblies
  • Opportunities to serve through:
    • Safety Patrol
    • Service Squad
    • Altar servers
    • Mission collections
    • Daily announcements done by students

Special Features

  • Girls & boys basketball in grades 5 & 6
  • Girls volleyball in grades 5 & 6
  • Strong parental support and involvement
  • Hot lunch prepared daily in our own school kitchen
  • Enforced discipline based on respect for individuals and their right to learn in positive environment
  • An active Parent School Council
  • Small class sizes 
And in cooperation with our community –schdare13


Honor Roll

Academic achievement of students in grades four, five, and six is recognized through a quarterly honor roll. To qualify for an honor roll certificate the following standards must be met:
  • First Honors – All A’s (gold certificate)
  • Second Honors – All A’s and a maximum of 2 B’s (silver certificate)
  • Third Honors – All A’s and B’s (bronze certificate)
In addition, special recognition may be given at each teacher’s discretion to one or two students who may not qualify for the Honor Roll but who show a determined spirit in putting forth their best effort to do well.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued following the completion of each 12 week trimester. Parents are encouraged to review their child’s progress and to contact the teacher if there are any questions regarding the report.
The grading system varies according to grade level. Students in kindergarten are evaluated on physical and social skills, as well as development in academic areas. First through third grade students are given grades of V (Very Good), G (Good), S (Satisfactory), I (Improving, but not satisfactory), and U (Unsatisfactory) according to their achievement. Letter grades, based on percentage values listed below, are given in grades four through six.
A — 100-92 (Outstanding)
B — 91-82 (Very Good)
C — 81-72 (Average)
D — 71-62 (Below Average)
E — 61- (Failing)
Additionally, parents are encouraged to follow their children’s academic progress during the trimester using the parent portal SchoolSpeak.


Each year students are administered standardized tests. The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress is the instrument used at our school and throughout the Diocese of Lansing. The NWEA test is aligned with Diocese and State standards, and is preparing students for future tests such as the Smarter Balance and the ACT. This test measures student progress at three different times during the academic year. Student results will be provided and placed in each student’s cumulative file. The results of the tests provide a glimpse at part of the overall education growth of the student, as well as an evaluation tool to further develop school-wide curriculum. 
In the 2014-2015 school year, St. Joseph scored in the top five highest achieving schools in the Diocese of Lansing in language arts and math on the NWEA test. There was only one other school in the Diocese who had this accomplishment. See full letter from Sean Costello, Superintendent, here.