SCRIP (also known as T.R.I.P) 

The St. Joseph School SCRIP program is provided to St. Joseph families to help supplement tuition costs and the school budget. Great Lakes Scrip Center sell gift cards to the school for a rebate. SCRIP allows families to purchase these gift cards through St. Joseph School. The rebate is given back to individual families for tuition, religious education, or youth group and to the school. Since this is a fundraiser for St. Joseph Parish, 25% of all earnings go directly to the school. 


Enrollment is open to all St. Joseph Parish Families, as well as those who use the Religious Education Programs.  All families are permitted and encouraged to obtain orders from relatives or friends.

How to order

There are two convenient ways to make SCRIP purchases:
  1. Turn in an order form and pick up your gift cards later at the school. You may drop off your order and payment at the school any day of the week or send it in to school with your child.
  2. Place your order online at Contact a SCRIP coordinator for details and the organization code, at

Order Pick Up

All orders received by Monday morning at 10:00am will be available for pickup on Thursday or Friday of the same week in the school office. You may designate another adult to pick up your order by providing this information on your enrollment form.  Orders received after the Monday morning deadline will not be available until Thursday morning the following week.

Tuition Credit Distribution

All participating families will receive credit for the upcoming school year at the end of August, as the new school year begins. The credit is the accumulation from the previous August – June purchases. The amount of your credit can be deducted from your tuition payments, but cannot be used for book fees.

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger donated millions of dollars to charities in Michigan through their rewards program that is linked directly to their customers’ Kroger Plus Cards.
If you have any questions regarding SCRIP or Kroger Community Rewards, please contact Tera Wenzlick at