September 8, 1924 – St. Joseph School  opened its doors to 70 students in grades 1-8. The school was run by Mother M. Inez and the Sisters of St. Joseph from Nazareth, Michigan
1956 – The Home School Council (now known as the Parent School Council) held the first annual school carnival.
1959 – An addition of six classrooms, a cafeteria, and a kitchen was added to the south side of the building to accommodate increasing enrollment.
1963  – With enrollment continuing to increase, a second addition was added to the north end of the school which included a gymnasium with locker rooms, six classrooms, audio-video and multipurpose rooms, and student lockers.
1970 – Due to diocese wide cutbacks, seventh and eighth grade are transferred to the public junior high, keeping only grades 1 – 6 at the school building.
1983 – The Education Commission and the Parish Council established the Educational Trust Fund, a long-range plan to help finance school and non-school educational programs.
1985 – The first kindergarten class started at St. Joseph School and went for half day.
1985 – The Quiet Area dedicated to Father William G. Hankerd was added and the playground installed.
1988 – A computer lab is added by remodeling a classroom and installing 30 computers.
1995 – The TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) begins.
2002 – St. Joseph’s dedicated teachers got their Teachers’ Lounge remodeled.
2005 – Kindergarten was switched to a full day format.
2005 – New playground equipment was installed by a parent committee with volunteers providing the majority of labor for the playground and landscaping.
2006 – New Kindergarten rooms were established on the lower level of the original school building to accommodate enrollment in all day-every day kindergarten.
2007 – An Anti-Bullying Policy was written and enacted by St. Joseph School staff.
2008 – The school library was remodeled.
2009 – The Computer Lab was remodeled, complete with all new desktop computers.
2010 – New laptops were purchased for the St. Joseph teaching staff
2012 – Our current pastor and school principal, Fr. Michael Williams and Mr. Christopher Wells, begin at St. Joseph Parish and School after the retirement of both Fr. Eoin Murphy and Mrs. Tomi Ann Schultheiss.
2013 – The school office is moved to the main entrance where new security doors and a security system are added.
2014 – Begindergarten program for young 5’s is added as a half or full day option.
2015 – The inaugural St. Joe Feast and Raffle is held with great success. Over $70,000 was raised for the school in one night.