Student Services & Extracurricular

“We credit [our children’s] academic success, study habits and organizational skills to the learning environment they were exposed to at St. Joe’s.” – A St. Joe Parent
A variety of enrichment experiences are offered to the students throughout the grade levels. These include those which enhance the curriculum, others which lead to personal growth, and some that allow us as a school to entertain, as well as to share the good news of Christ with others.
Choir: Fourth through sixth grade students may be members in the school choir. Choir members add beauty to school and parish liturgies, as well as having a special role in the two school musical programs. Their talents are often enjoyed in a variety of other situations as well.
Field Trips: Field trips are planned by each classroom teacher. These are meant to enhance the curriculum or to add another dimension to classroom experiences. Field trip information, including cost, will be sent home to parents in advance of the event. Signed parental permission slips and driver information sheets (when applicable) are required for students’ participation on class field trips.
Musical Programs: The entire school presents two musical programs dsch5thband13uring the year under the direction of the music teacher. A Christmas program and a spring musical with a variety of themes provide the students with an opportunity to witness to Christ through music, narration, and dance.
Band and Orchestra: Sixth grade student have the opportunity to attend band or orchestra programs arranged with the public school. This is a cooperative endeavor between our school and St. Johns Public Schools which allows our students to make a smooth transition into the middle school and high school instrumental music programs.
Daily Announcement: Students in grades fifth and sixth are given the opportunity to do the daily prayer, pledges and announcements over our PA system each morning. This, and other opportunities, are provided for student to perform Christian service, and to develop an appreciation for helping others.
Athletics: St. Joseph Catholic School is part of the CYAC (Catholic Youth Athletic Conference) and offers a basketball program to students in grades 5th and 6th, as well as a volleyball program to 5th and 6th grade girls.