Dress Code

ALL clothing must be neat, clean, modest and Logo free.

PANTS – dress slacks (no cargo or zip-off) of cotton twill or cotton/polyester/wool blends in solid navy, khaki (tan), or black are acceptable. Dress corduroys in these same colors are also permitted. No denim, embroidery, or patterns allowed. Waist bands may be elastic, but stretch knit pants (Including any combination of spandex and/or nylon materials) are not permitted.

SKIRTS, JUMPERS, SKORTS, WITH A FLAP FRONT – in solid navy, khaki (tan) or black can be worn. Fabric requirements are the same as for pants. Length should be no shorter than three inches from the center of the knee. Tights or solid color leggings may be worn as an undergarment with skirts, skorts and jumpers.

SHIRTS AND BLOUSES must be collared and have sleeves (i.e. dress shirts/blouses, polo/golf shirts, and turtlenecks.) They may be solid or print including plaids, designs, or stripes. They should contain no written messages/words (with the exception of St. Joe logo), or pictures. Mock turtlenecks and denim shirts are not permitted with the exception of out of dress code days.
KNIT SWEATERS – (cardigan, v-neck, crew neck, vest) are permitted (Refer to shirt requirements). Solid colored SWEATSHIRTS and/ or solid colored sweatshirts with the St. Joe logo ONLY can be worn indoors during school hours. A collared shirt must be worn underneath sweaters and sweatshirts. CAPRI PANTS OR DRESS SHORTS – May be worn in navy, khaki (tan) or black (no cargo or zip-off) and no shorter than three inches from center of the knee may be worn prior to October 1 and after April 30 on non-church days. Fabric requirements are the same as for pants.
We will maintain a NO MAKE-UP policy for all grades BK-6. This includes glitter.
Appropriate school shoes, or athletic shoes, must be worn with socks, tights or nylons.
Clogs without a back strap, or open toe shoes/sandals are not permitted for safety reasons.
This dress code was first adopted March 20, 2002 and updated August 2017.